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Some of the Benefits of Tree Trimming and Pruning

Every tree at some point will require pruning or trimming to remain vigorous and beautiful. Many homeowners are forced into providing this service because of damage from storms or to prevent branches from obstructing overhead power lines. Unless the homeowner has tree-trimming knowledge the wisest option is to hire a Tree Trimming service.

The practice of routine tree trimming and pruning also helps to keep the tree free of insects and disease thus increasing its lifespan. Properly trimmed trees reduce the occurrences of broken or dead branches falling creating a hazard or damaging property. Healthy trees also increase a home’s property value by the beauty they add to the overall landscape.

The following are common types of tree trimming and pruning typically performed by a tree service in salem oregon:

Crown Raising or Lifting – The crown of a tree consists of the branches and leaves at the top of the tree. Some of its functions are photosynthesis and the release of oxygen, energy, and water to the air. Trimming the crown allows for light to penetrate to the ground and provides clearance above sidewalks, roads, and small buildings.

Crown Reduction – A method of decreasing the overall size of a tree’s crown by pruning while keeping it’s form and tree removal shape as much as possible. The main reason is to reduce weight on selected branches. This method is also useful in preventing the limbs from contacting nearby structures.

Crown Reduction – This method of reduces the size of the tree’s canopy. It is typically done to reduce the weight on various branches and limbs. It also serves to remove branches that are obstructing light from street lights, overhead power lines, street signs, and other types of infrastructure.


Crown Thinning – This is accomplished by selectively removing secondary and smaller living branches through the crown’s interior. Thinning the crown helps to reduce wind resistance or “wind sail” by reducing the density of the crown and reducing the weight of tree decreases the occurrence of branches breaking during heavy storms. Another benefit is that it allows more sunlight to pass through the branches and increases air circulation and light to the leaves thereby encouraging new growth.

Crown Cleaning – Considered part of crown thinning also called deadwood pruning, its purpose is to remove dead, broken, or diseased limbs from the tree’s infrastructure, as well as the canopy. Other branches that are targeted for removal include those that are crossed, rubbing, or weakly attached branches – all of which sap needed energy from the tree.

The goal in tree trimming and pruning is the removal of no greater than 20% of the crown at any given time. The primary purpose of tree trimming and pruning is to create well-balanced structure and develop strong vigorous growth. In the long run, professional tree trimming is less costly than having to pay for repairs to your property due to damage from fallen trees, not too mention the unattractive appearance of an improperly trimmed tree.